A designer addicted to the craft, who loves designing interactions that make technology feel effortless. I started my journey in international business, but found solace in Tech – Art.

I am a Product/UX Designer and a tech enthusiast based in Toronto, Canada with over seven years experience conceptualizing and crafting digital products, building engaging experiences, helping businesses / non-profits expand their capacity and have applied human-centered design practices to dozens of products which created experiences that have touched thousands of people.

I am a self-taught designer, decisive go-getter, big-picture contemplative thinker with a passion for quality and craftsmanship who enjoys working on end-to-end products. From concept to execution, I embrace the utilization of the various stages of a design process which I ‘focus on a user’.

I have had the opportunity to spearhead projects as a team lead for medium to large scale businesses nationally and globally, targeting diverse user segments, which has helped me strategize and deal with tight deadlines, budgets, complex projects, while delivering elegant and highly usable user centric design concepts.