Hellooo! I’m Zeba, an experienced UX / UI Designer with a background in 3D Animation & Visual Effects based in Toronto.

LinkedIn-Zeba-Dalal Medium-Zeba-Dalal Dribble-Zeba-Dalal
LinkedIn-Zeba-Dalal Medium-Zeba-Dalal Dribble-Zeba-Dalal

UX / UI App Design – Food and Delivery App

Client: Startup – Food and Delivery Industry

Creating an app that serves as a platform for a user to buy a meal but also allows that same user to sell their meal whilst making this entire process seamless and user friendly.

UX / UI, Web Design + Development

Client: Engineering and M.E.P. Consultants Company

Designing a workable solution for a larger than scale vision.

Building a Website: From concept to creation

Client: Dario’s Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

How to act strategically despite limited time and budget.

Design + Information Architecture

Client: Know Your Fish

Create, organize, research and design a compact and distributable design.
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